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Gift Basket Business

Nobody trips over mountains.
It’s the small pebbles that cause you to stumble.

What most people don’t realize is that the gift basket industry has a culture all its own.  

Sure, the basics of operating a business are the same for any kind of business.  You have a business and marketing plan.  You can read a financial statement. And you took a business class that told you all you thought you needed to know.  You may have even owned another business in a different industry.

But this industry has its own mindset, its own psychology  – even its own language, so to speak.  And we are here to help you build that foundation you must have for success.

It’s not a matter of natural ability, business acumen, or charisma. It is knowing the industry, paying attention to the little things,  and having the right support and reliable answers that makes all the difference between success and failure in this industry.

The most valuable resource you can have is
your connections with other professionals in the same industry.  

The sharing of experiences, mistakes, and knowledge helps solve your own challenges and discover new and innovative ways to grow your business.

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